Mama’s boy Defends Misandrist Mother

Yesterday, I told you about a Facebook group that supported the release of psycho Catherine Kieu, the woman that mutilated her husband’s penis.  Χρήστος Γκέγκες informed me of a petition for Catherine Kieu that was started by her son James Tran. The purpose for this petition is for Catherine Kieu needs care, not punishment.  The rational of this argument is found in the Facebook group free Catherine Kieu is because she ONLY cut one penis off and it was someone she knows that means she isn’t a threat to the general public at large. (read yesterdays article here)

The petition is found here.

The Petition letter states that Catherine is a victim. Let that sink in for a little bit

Excuse me what about the male victim. His penis is gone. His life is ruined. Also what messages are you sending if you allow this to happen? You will get copy cats trying to cut 0ff there partner’s penises for stupid shit like forgetting anniversary or not doing something else asinine.

And I just love that the public just assumes he was abusive towards her. He wanted to leave the marriage. In my opinion it would have been him that got screwed especially in California. Catherine would have stood to get alimony and half of whatever this poor guy got. In fact she still might! The fact of the matter was this entitled cunt wanted to make sure he was never happy again. She will have a chance at happiness but not for him never again

James Tran I know he is trying to support his mother but damn as a man. This is one of the most violent atrocities a woman can do to a man.  And for James Tran to just ignore the impact on the victim. He doesn’t even show remorse for the victim. As a male he doesn’t feel for his fellow man. I would have some serious reservations if my mother cut my father’s dick off. However, according to James Tan that thought never crosses his mind.

James Tran is a mangina of the worse kind.  He makes excuses for a woman who got violent and supports other violent women. If he hates being a man so much he should either kill himself or get a sex change.

As a man I took the oath that All Men are Men, All Men are Good, All Men are Worthy, All Masculinists are Dutiful, All Men are my Brothers.

My Brother James Tran is a traitor to his brother and a traitor to all of us.

James Tran can be found here

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