Louie Pissed off story

OK here is the latest shit to piss me off as I was coming home from a friends house I ran into Joanne a girl that I went to school with and grew up with had a crush on and help on certain occasions. A few months ago she asked me for a favor I couldn’t accomplish because I didn’t have the necessary strings to pull. Well she cursed me out and told me to never speak to her again and that I was pathetic. She then deleted and blocked me. I never ever disrespected Her mother who is a lovely woman or her brother Carlos Herrera who is an awesome man. I respected her wishes to never speak to her so whenever I would see her in the hood I would act like she was not there and not say anything. Well tonight she saw me and said Louie You don’t recognize me? I was like I do but you cursed me out on Facebook remember. In my head I am thinking “bitch you told me never to speak to you and you want to act like nothing happened. You are hot but not that hot” As a masculinist I learned to never worship pussy and allow it to cloud my self respect. I seriously hope this gets back to her because just because You think you are entitled to something doesn’t mean its true. If you don’t show loyalty to your friends don’t expect them to come running like a dog.

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