Louie Bee’s 2013 Predictions Rant

Louie Bee
Rantings Of Louie Bee

All the papers on Wednesday were all about what to expect for 2013 and what was going to be the hottest trends. I have even seen some post on facebook about the spiritual mass over the air update from the god source that will magically awaken the people to a new age of A-Queer-Ri-us. So what the fuck is the point of me standing outside telling people about the New World Order’s agenda? I mean if there was going to be a human firmware update at the fucking stroke of midnite what the fuck was the point of me getting so damned angry at a group of powerful elite when god was just gonna flip the light switch in peoples heads. Well fuck it. If it happens cool but, don’t hold your breath. Nothing comes to you without putting in effort.

These are my predictions for 2013:

  1. Yeah eyes will open to the Bullshit of this world but only after the lies cant be held up anymore
  2. Irrationality is going to grow stronger.
  3. Natural Love for relatives will go away. People will need a real reason to care about extended family.
  4. More parents killing their children and vice versa. More Ultra Violence.
  5. The Bar will be continued to be lowered forget Honey Boo-Boo here comes Dahmer Jr.
  6. The New Age will not bring about love but a focused definition of Hate.
  7. War War and more war coming this fall to a hood near you.
  8. The Economy will on its own take a huge shit as the illusion crashes.
  9. It will be discovered that Aspartame mixed with Fluoride Causes Ultra Violence.
  10. Infinite love and conscience is not only the wrong answer but just fucking stupid.
I may be wrong but I sure I am not because I am tired of this fucking illusion of society. Putting on the rosey lenses of love and caring is just some sissy fairy tale that will not motivate the change we need to fight for our freedom and happiness. 
Keep your eyes open, watch your six and prepare to fight harder that you even knew possible. 

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