Kenyan Misandry

Louie Bee
March 9, 2012

Instead of Kony 2012, how about Misandry 2012. That way we shed light on all acts of violence towards boys and men in all parts of the world. The Kony fad is a bullshit smoke screen but that is the subject of another blog post. However before I get to the subject. The fact that we are focusing on one man who uses boys and cannon fodder yet ignore the Ugandan government for doing the same is counter productive.

Look at what is happening in another part of Africa. Apparently, misandry in Africa is committed by both men and women. What happens when you allow feminist to take over a society. You get gender bias attacks like what is happening in Africa.  Lately, there has been news coming out of stories, and photos, of men from Central Kenya, faces sliced with machetes; lying in hospital beds with broken legs; with skins peeled off their backs and stomachs by hot water administered by angry women.

Despite the evidence the local Feminazi group the “Young Women’s Leadership Institute” had this to say,

“After the dust had settled on the declaration by Maendeleo ya Wanaume that Men in Kenya are increasingly being battered by their wives, a myriad of thoughts crossed my mind; “what are the reasons, how true is this, what is causing this, how can this be stopped, what is the true agenda of the report, where can I get a copy, how will this affect me as a young woman in Kenya originating from Central Province etc.” – Kihara, S. (2011, May 27). Retrieved from

Let’s break this down:

  1. what are the reasons

You mean to tell me there is a good reason to machete a man?

  1. how true is this

So you question the pictures are not good enough evidence for you.

  1. What is causing this?

That sounds like your blaming the victim oh wait it is okay if the man is the victim.

  1. How can this be stopped?

By knocking the bitch out.

  1. What is the true agenda of the report?

To spread light on violent ass bitches

Anyways as the feminist down play it here are some reasons women are beating their husbands. They lost their job, they can’t perform sexually. But what society does to men but would never get away with doing to women is, shame men for getting beat. It is a joke to beat a man and maim him.

In this video posted by TheHappyMisogynist on youtube:

I am sorry in this case the only solution for this is the ideals of the MGTOW (Men going there own way) by divorcing or not getting married in the first place. Feminism teaches that they don’t need men and we are disposable then to hell with these women and prove that they need us. Feminist loves making men pay for the imaginary atrocities that they accuse us of. However, look at society. Marriage is a joke, fathers are cut out of the family, because of this little girls grow up to be whore and boys grow up to be hoods. Also if a woman attacks you defend yourself like she was a man. My mom use to tell me “if a girl is man enough to hit a man she better be man enough to take a hit from one”. These ladies will learn as soon as men stop marrying them, stop sleeping with them.  That will show women that men have value.

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