Is infighting necessary?

We are hearing that there is a lots of fighting within the 9/11 truth movement. Sometimes the conflict is caused by two egos unable to coexist. We see a lot of infighting when it comes to the debates between planes and no planes. There are a lot of the many different theories when it comes to 9/11 like: TV fakery, no planes, planes, and Zionism. It seems like many 9/11 truth activists cannot see past their own pride to give another point of view a chance. They would rather dismiss it than be accused of being a co-Intel Pro agent.

It amazes me how that accusation gets thrown around when most 9/11 truth activists couldn’t pass a sixth-grade math test let alone be able to pass a fucking FBI or CIA entrance exam. I’m just saying not a lot of them are that smart so in those cases infighting is just a fucking waste of time.

However, there are times where infighting can be necessary like in cases of fraud and to prevent leadership from misleading others. Someone must stand up and expose these obvious infiltrators. It is necessary to expose these infiltrators because if they are found out by anyone outside of the movement, it can really be a black eye to the movement. It will show that 9/11 truth activists are not transparent and are not really for the pursuit of truth. Like Alex Jones says sunlight is the best disinfectant.

As some you may know,  I was part of the team to expose the leadership of we are change New York City of stealing money. Another example of someone who is trying to expose criminals in the movement is Jahba. Jahba has been pursuing obvious fraud by a rival network. The next example is Christie; she has exposed fake patriots who promote violence and hatred. She has paid a heavy price for her integrity. There are oh so many others. They become ostracized and ridiculed for daring to question the status quo.

Just because someone says they are a patriot or a 9/11 truth activist shall we allow them to commit crimes just because the criminal establishment gets away with it? We should be held to a higher standard not copy their behavior. But when one tries to stand up for the truth one gets labeled an infighter. What is the definition of infighting the definition is a dispute that goes on in house or within an organization

Again the point is just because someone says they are a 9/11 truth activist doesn’t mean they are in it for the right reasons. Many truthers want to become famous DJs or rappers were just become famous. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but that shouldn’t be your focus especially since the New World order is coming down the pipe quickly, and they won’t respect you just because you were famous and have a career.

More often than not finding someone who is fraudulent can be difficult. This is because it could be mistaken as something as simple as personality clashes or again differences in opinion. If someone is truly corrupt it usually takes time to expose. Fortunately, corrupt people usually expose themselves given enough time. So if you are a true patriot and a true pursuer of truth, then you must be brave enough and honest with yourself to be able to see if someone around you is corrupt. And if you find someone who is corrupt it is your duty to expose them.

Trust me as I say this if we do not police ourselves and keep ourselves on the straight and narrow path, be sure that the corrupt establishment will find out and use it to destroy you. Yes there must not be any holes in our armor. This doesn’t mean you should go and attack someone you don’t agree with or who doesn’t agree with you. Again, time exposes all. So keep your eyes open, and only open your mouth when you have concrete evidence. Thank you for reading and remember have no fear in doing the right thing.

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