Is Cat Calling a real issue?

There are serious issues facing women’s equality around the world like clitoral circumcision, denying girls an education and forced Child marriage. However, a random guys catcalling a woman’s  about how her ass looks in yoga pants is the biggest threat to women since the invention of rape.

Catcalling is when random men compliment women on the street. I have seen women of all types  get of women get catcalled. In a society where fashion magazines make women feel suicidal. You mean to tell me that most women couldn’t use the ego boost?

There is this organization called hollaback that there mission is to end catcalling. They aligned their cause with the gay civil rights movement. Would this mean if I try to approach a woman and introduce myself I will be considered a fucking homophobe?

Hollaback recently put out a video of a woman walking through NYC for 10 hours but got only 2 minutes of footage of all the times guys spoke to her. The worse thing said to her was you’re beautiful, god bless Poor women can’t go anywhere without getting positive reinforcement. Haven’t women heard the old saying, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can’t forcibly penetrate you.

With all the fear mongering going on about catcalling I am surprised women haven’t started wearing outbreak suits to protect themselves from the catcalling epidemic. Women calling off from work acting like they caught ebola from a comment.

It makes it hard to want to approach a woman because apparently me saying good morning to a woman is catcalling. Imagine if men started getting arrested for talking to women they don’t know. Get sentenced to life for unsolicited greetings.

I filmed 4 YouTube videos of topless strippers out in public promoting a club in Times Square and not one man said anything. They just stood back quietly and watched like it was a golf tournament.

Catcalling really needs to be better defined. I was trying to talk to this chick the other day. I said excuse me miss, I would like to get to know you. She responds can’t a lady do anything without getting harassed? I was like bitch you are on and you clicked like on my profile.

Most women will call a guy creepy for being polite to them. But women don’t even know what creepy means. So you expect me to not be a creep but don’t know what a creep is? Shit talk about a fucked up rules of engagement.

I was on the subway on my way to a job interview and I was adjusting my tie. A woman across from me tried to embarrass me and say I was jerking off my tie to intimidate her. But guess what I am a guy and nobody cares. Just deal with it and move on.  I do not have the luxury to play a victim. If I want someone to stop commenting on my weight, I have to go on a diet. If I want women to stop assuming I am a sexual deviant then I shouldn’t have worn a tie. My male privilege allows me to take 100% of the responsibility from a woman’s thoughts.

Hollaback wants the government to stop guys talking shit to women. The thing is you’re never going to stop assholes from being assholes. I get reverse catcalled. I catch hell from women all the time. That shirt is looking tight. You’re going to die alone because you are so fat. And that’s from my grandmother. Let me break it down. It is not that men are disrespecting women on the street. It is that ugly guys are trying to talk to them.

I got the solution if a guy comments on your ass or tits you are owed a pumpkin spice latte from either starbucks, dunkin donuts. Starbucks if you are hot model, and dunkin donuts for the rest the mutts. If I can channel Jeff Foxworthy, then Ladies if you found anything I said Offensive then you might be basic bitch!

Some folks wanted to know my views on this viral video, so here it is.. Isn't it amazing how conveniently things always malfunction when trying to catch certain folks in blatant acts of racial propaganda. There's almost always an excuse, a deflection, to make the subconscious mind of a RWS feel at ease/ not guilty. I'm speaking ofcourse how the video was able to catch black & brown folks in HD 1080p, but some how malfunctioned when recording white folks & was conveniently edited out. Don't fall for this propaganda. There are other agendas at hand here. Just like the good ol days.. Back in the 1800's Black men were killed for greeting white women. Some white women even lied on the brother's, just so they can get support, attention, & comfort from her man, at the costly expense to those black communities. Go on youtube & type in "prank pick up lines." No one deems this harassment. Whatever, what do you think.?

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