In a dream my love

Had this dream last night that This chick was attacking me because of an argument. So as she is trying to really harm me I easily pin her down but instead of being really pissed off my heart was hurting and I confessed that I was in love with her and I all i ever wanted was for her to love me too. so I am shouldn’t I be kicking the crap out of her for the disrespect instead of coming off like a fucking white knight mangina. It was really weird. I mean tell me what you think but my study as a masculinist and listening to Tom Leykis tells me that most women now don’t deserve or want a mussy type guy. I mean if i was a better looking guy my jerkiness would be a turn on. I say this because when I am the nice guy i get ignored but when i am criticizing women for their fuckedupness thats when I get thier attention. its fucking hard to fight my own programing that I should want to be abused just because a person has different genitals than me. MGTOW all the way!!!

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