I was confronted on the NYC subway because of my MAGA hat

20221117 131214

It finally happened. Some yt guy tried to press me on the L train about my MAGA hat.

He comes up to me in the train and asks me if I really support Trump. I of course told him I did. he of course went with Trump’s a racist. I asked him how he is racist. He used “Oh come on man” argument. I asked him to state evidence. He was like so why are you going to vote for him. I told her prosperity for everyone. I told him that he is the first person to get up in my face because of the hat. I told him i am not the only minority that supports Trump. In fact, i am inspiring other minorities to wear their hats. He didn’t like that at all. He was like of course people like me will vote against my own interest. I asked, what are my interests? that is a racist statement to assume. I am sorry Mr. White man that I do not think how you want me to. He started yelling trying to form a lynch mob against me saying “this guy supports Trump how many think he is a racist?” I was like that doesn’t make it true.

That is when another man got up and asked the libtard “who mad you the morality police? Who are you to tell another man what he can and can’t wear. I can’t stat you liberals trying to tell people what to do. You are the one screaming he [me] wasn’t doing anything he had his headphones on he was just wearing a hat not bothering anybody. there lib was like I am trying to have a dialogue. I told him no you are yelling and talking down to me, and he called me an asshole lol I called him a shit dick lol and got off the train a t my stop and he stood there.

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