I resonate with Chris Dorner

I read all about Chris Dorner in the news. I read his manifesto and that is when I felt it. This guy is me! He wanted to fight corruption. He acted when he saw wrongdoing he was about cleaning out his own house.

He tried to do things the right way and he was slandered and lied about. I mean how can you fucking slander someone when they have their words out there for the world to see. I read his words and the media fucking LIED!

The LAPD screwed him over when he tried to bring the truth about brutality. I resonate with him because I want to fight the bad guys and do right by people.

I have been lied about and lazy people never spoke to me or read, listened or watched what I put out there.

I want to cure the world of all the evil in the world.  I try so hard to do the right thing but when backed to a wall I dont see many options.

So I hope the truth eventually comes out about chris dorner and I am sorry it went down the way it did .
Lets all try to be better and do the right thing all the time without ego. even if it hurts we must do the right thing for the sake of everyone around us.

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