I Have A Hemp Dream

I have been fantasizing about owning a Hemp conglomerate. It would have a construction, auto, food, Energy, and pharmaceutical. Improving the economy and the environment. I dream of all the billions of jobs I would create. I would earn only 200,000 to maybe 500,000 grand a year. I want to make the politicians look like fools. Pay off the debt of the planet.

Drag the world into the modern age without having to disrespect people’s freedoms. Heal the people with dirt cheap medicines. HEAL not treat; eradicate diseases for as little money as possible. Employ billions of people paying better than a living wage with all the benefits. I want my only problem to be being able to fill my positions because there are not enough people. I want to cause a population explosion and still live in a clean happy society. Provide cheap to free energy. I want to basically jump start the worlds population spiritual evolution.

I see myself being so happy that I go mad laughing at me fucking up the bullies plans. Empowering people to shove it in the global elites faces. Teach people to take back their power. I dream of using hemp as a spring bored to develop non hemp technologies that have been suppressed. Like a lot of teslas work. Force an update in infrastructure. Put an end to outdated ways of doing things like fracking and drilling.

I want to take that technology that turns plastic back to oil and give it to poorer countries to stay warm till we can go in and improve there state of living. Clean the oceans.

I want to make so much money or at least lower the cost of living so much that people can retire at 25 and be able to live till they are 300 or more. Imaging the discoveries and the advancements.

I would be dancing and laughing like nero as I watch my world grow and improve and become stronger. Race, Religion, boarders wont matter. Because everyone will be free happy and healthy to live how they want.

I want to be able to build that world. I want to be able to see the Bilderbergers, the United Nations, The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and all of their ilk to rot away. That is my fantasy.

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