History Of Fuckery from the biker gang Hollywood Stuntz

More and more videos are coming out from the Biker Fags Hollywood stuntz this time terrorizing a Prius driver. The fun starts 1:15 in the video

You see a bunch of Fags from Hollywood Stuntz blocking traffic that had the green light so they can eat the red light. One fag from Hollywood Stuntz punches the Prius.

A Member of Hollywood Stuntz removed this video from his YouTube channel after the Range Rover incident! (most of them drive without a licence plate !)

Hollywood Stuntz made a trip to South Park where Eric Cartman gave them a heart to heart.

People are losing the fear of being called racist by black people especially when black people continue to try to bully and intimidate people like this. There will come a time where people wont hold back EVEN LIBERALS. I hope Hollywood Stuntz fag gang gets killed by a semitruck!

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