I am fucking tired of people who are neither Palestinian or Israeli taking fucking sides either way. People are dying on both sides this isnt a fucking soccer match.Peeps are acting like the war is FIFA saw people with Israel & Palestine shirts watching the news in bars talking who got the better missile. You are just a bunch of bandwagon jumping hipsters just latching on to a fucking trend to look like you are fucking aware maaaaaaaaaan!

I am also fucking tired of these same tired assholes accusing me of being a zionist because I chose not to have an opinion or take a side. I hate this whole conflict I’m just calling bullshit on both sides. A wise woman once told me it is never either or it is both and more. If you want to do something protest the USA from sending billions of our money to fund both sides of the conflict. Otherwise demanding them to send troops is counter to anything we are fighting against and playing into the NWO hands.

Money bet that many of the baby death pics and videos are faked some how. Till you are about to go stap on a flack jacket yourself and play referee over there get off my dick and worry about your own beliefs and stop worrying about mine. Because I just can observe and report bullshit in hopes someone will listen and realize its bullshit and walk away. I am not Jesus Christ.

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