Female Entitlement Ruins Dating

Dating in NYC is a very expensive hobby; especially if you’re not going to get any sex from the endeavor. Dating gets more difficult when you live in a society of entitled bitches. That believe just because they have a cunt that men should just do for them and they don’t have to do anything in return. For example I went on a date with a “lady” 26 (I use the term loosely). I will tell you what happened and the mistakes I made. This will help you see the warning signs and what to do. I hope you will learn from my mistakes.

First, she brought her misbehaving daughter she never asked me or informed me that she was bringing her two year old daughter. That should have been my first warning sign. Guys, if you see a kid with her on your first date or any date leave in fact never date a woman with kids. The Little girl kept running away from her mother almost got hit by a car if it wasn’t for me jumping to grab her and basically hold her because the mother (my date) was not about to do a fuck thing about it. So as I was trying to talk to my date I had to talk over brat crying. Little girls are really the biggest assholes in the world. I mean the only positive thing was I decided never want to get married and have kids.

Second, when we were able to talk all she did was complained about her 48 year old “husband” living with his girlfriend, and how he wants to comeback but he is afraid that his skinny as a twig 21 year old girlfriend would kill him and the family. She was so pissed off of the whole thing. She talked so much about utter bullshit that could be solved is she wasn’t such a pussy. She also talked so much I suggested that she enroll in, on and, on and, on, anon. So guys if all she can talk about is her ex or soon to be ex LEAVE!!

Third, after I paid the $80 for the fucking meal. Mostly it was that expensive because she ordered 2 margaritas and didn’t put in for her child. She tried to order a third Margareta but I was able to cancel the order it real fast. She had the nerve to try to order without asking me. Guys, let me quote a rule from the god father Tom Leykis never spend more than $40 on a date. This is because, check this out, she was so cold to me. She didn’t want to hold my hand, kiss me. And forget about taking me to her place. So basically I paid for her to tell me her problems and babysit while she tried on outfits and hear her complain about her husband. It really doesn’t pay to be the nice guy. Women need to learn that men are stronger and will stop rewarding shit behavior.

Forth, we went to a toys store so that she may do more Christmas shopping. She had the fucking nerve after I dropped $80 on dinner to inform me that I needed to buy her children Christmas gifts because their father doesn’t do anything for them. Mind you this is our first date. I was like no I don’t have enough to do that for you. She then asked “can you at least help me buy 1 toy”, I refused. I asked her finally why is she being so cold towards me why wont she get a little affectionate she was like maybe if you bought me another margarita I would be a little loose. I spent too much money for fucking maybes. Lets put this in perspective for $80 lets add the train fare $4.50 so for $84.50 I could have order a craigslist hooker for a half hour of sex and had a better time. Instead I was therapist, babysitter, and a soup kitchen feeding the selfish cunt. It wasn’t until she turned to her daughter and said “Uncle Louie is going to buy you a toy, tell uncle Louie to buy you that toy” I then turned and told her well I am leaving and I left the store and went home. I learned a lesson and mistakes I will never make again.

This whole date was learning experiences that will save me more money in the long run and also help save you money if you heed my warnings and if you tell your friends to read this. If you have a son, nephew, grandson, any single male make them read this. This is what I learned: Never date a woman with children- If she brings a child to a first date leave immediately no explanation is needed. If she has problems again leave your not a priest or a psychologist to help her with her baggage. Never spend no more than $40 on a date. If you are paying then you make the decisions. You decide where to eat and where to go. Keep control of the date. Stay away from tourist areas of NYC there the most expensive. If she will not act the way you want her to act leave her and just walk away. You don’t have a ring on your finger and owe her nothing. No affection, no gratitude no sex, then date is over. Please guys listen to what I have to say and follow them. If you like this article or not please leave a comment and please click on the ads on this article thank you and good luck!

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