Done with Dating

I have just made the decision that I am against the act of dating. Dating is basically me paying for my own slavery to someone who isn’t going to do anything in return.

Basically How much of a schmuck do you have to be that another person makes the rules of how the date should go that she doesn’t tell you what they are. You have to make the right guess on where to go basically take your interest out of the equation and basically be judge on what type of person you are. Fuck that No homo I had more fun with the Bros than with a chick. That includes family chicks. I had more fun paling around with the Guy causing Chaos in fact Bradley can tell you that on those midnight drives we have a blast.

I mean If I want to go to a concert call one of the Bros that way you have a wingman with you to talk to chicks. I think I am with Tom Leykis on this one. I am done spending the money to get NOWHERE. Thats even I am get the goddamned decency of her showing up or calling me to tell me she is too busy to meet.

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