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One day I was having a discussion with my friend Christie about a horrible date in which I spent a lot of money and got nothing in return (i.e., sex, affection, gratitude read about it here).  Christie told me if I kept buying women I will only find women who can be bought. It actually got me thinking that maybe I find shallow women because it is I that is shallow. However, I began to think but every women in my generation (yes I know there are some exceptions to the rule) are more or less self absorbed, and have entitlement issues (The “all guys owe me something because I am a girl” mentality). It’s when it hit me that all women can be bought! Every woman no matter how Nobel, enlightened, or mature they think they are can be bought. Men have what I would like to call the currency of attraction. Meaning men use certain advantages to obtain a woman.

First, one of the most well known ways a woman can be bought is by money. Women want to be taken care of. If you are rich you are even more attractive to women. If you can provide with security (i.e., house, car, good job) then you’re a catch. Hell if you had money you can look like the toxic avenger and you will have women lined up to screw you. In fact a rich ugly dude has more of a chance at scoring a super model more than a male model. In fact woman will even put up with total disrespect from a rich guy for a chance to get her paws on his dough. So if you have enough money you can buy yourself a woman.

Second, will be having good looks is a way women can be bought. Women are very vain in general. Women want to look good all the time. Women like to stay fashionable and buy the latest fashions. Women want everything in their lives to be streamlined, symmetrical, matching. They would want a guy that looks good because it will make them look good. Most women would rather go with a man that is tall, dark, and handsome even if he is a jerk. Which goes to show you if you are good looking you can have any woman you want.

Third, there are women that are attracted to the bad boy. I mean look at all the women that propose marriage with any criminal that is made famous. They stand out of the jail with signs and write to them. In fact most women like the bad boy. They want a guy who will treat them like trash. When you treat them like gold, women will forget about you and disrespect you. This is possibly because the bad boy that won’t take their feelings into account will ravage them in bed. This is because all women need and want to be dominated.

Fourth, there are the rare types of woman that date a guy on specific qualities. This will be the women who have a specific type of guy. She might want a guy that is dependable, strong willed, independent, honorable, all good qualities. However, that type of woman can also be bought. No matter how noble it sound for her to search for real good qualities she is in fact selling herself. This means that if a man comes around that is a honorable gentleman that is reliable that woman be attracted to that man and thus sell herself to him. In a sense a man with good traits can use those traits and use that to buy a woman’s love.

You might be saying this is the dumbest pile of crap I have ever read. However, just think. If there was a guy that was none of the types I describe just a nothing of a man. Would you be attracted to a man with no qualities ladies? Can you really fall in love with a guy that has d absolutely nothing to offer? In essence if he didn’t have the currency of attraction to buy or earn your love (which a form of purchasing)? Guys, can you go up to a lady without any type of game. You have to be interesting in order to hold her attention to allow you to “haggle” your way to a date. You have to convince her to accept your payment in form of a certain advantage you have money, power, attitude, or honor. I use my humor and intelligence to over compensate my weight. So ladies just accept it and acknowledge you are being bought and sold in the love market. Enjoy.

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