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The other day coming home from work the subway pulls into the station. This is rush hour so there is epic competition to get a seat. I noticed an empty car so I ran inside. As I entered I was greeted by a stench that was powered by all the evil intention of this planet. It was then I saw a homeless guy nested on the bench laid out. I swear this guy smelled like he bathed in piss, shit and hate(Check out the pic of him on my Instagram It was like Satan sent a stink demon to protect his servant.

When the stink hit you it was like you reminded of the most painful memory and caused an immediate flight response. It is the same kind of feeling you get from a haunted house that chill down your back well this was a stink down your throat. So after I evacuated I found a seat in the next car with a window overlooking the stunk car.

I found enjoyment as I saw the horrified faces of those who entered the accursed car. Then chose to flee like Tutsi Hutu heading to Hotel Rwanda. The people around me then found enjoyment from me laughing my balls off. And also by me making a wise ass remark saying welcome refugees.

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