Citizen Pedophile Fighters

Yo check out my homeboy’s Andy Dee’s YouTube channel where he exposes sick motherfuckers trying to holla at little girls. These guys work out of New York. I love how they make these sickos studder. Look I am a masculinist and I am against false allegation however, it is never appropriate to talk sex to an underage girl. Shit I had to tell an 18 on badoo that if I had saw her age that I wouldn’t have click like. Especially since I am a 30 year old man. I do not run a fucking day care. Then she busts out with she dated a 35 year old man. Who are these sickos. The one criticism I have of these guys is if they can go after women predators. Because it makes it look like only men can be predators. but please check these guys out!

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