Christian Keyes Is The Perfect Example of #Himtoo

Actor and model Christian Keyes recently took to social media to issue what is being widely dubbed as a brazenly tone-deaf PSA to gay men. He went on Instagram to complain about gay men sliding into his DMs.

He Wrote:
> This might get me in trouble, but, oh well,” he started. “It needs to be addressed. Respect the people’s truths. I got nothing but love for all our brothers and sisters in the gay community. Period. It ain’t my business. That’s between you, who you love, and God,” he said. “With that being said, and respecting each other’s truth – If I respect yours, respect mine. Gentlemen, let’s not be in the comment section with the eggplant emojis and the sexual comments. I’m not a fan of that. If I respect your truth, respect mine,” he continued. “We don’t need to be harassin’ nobody and doing all of that, man… I say, let’s not do that, and let’s just respect who people are, genuinely. I think that’s a fair request.

To me, that is a very reasonable request. However. The Politically Correct squad wants to scream homophobic charges at him. Why should he have to tolerate overly sexual messages that, would be inappropriate to do no matter what his sexuality is?

This is all part of the whole liberal cultural Marxist agenda. Where they trying to destroy the family by attacking the straight male. They try to shame us for basically our biological impulses of only being attracted to women.

It is this revenge on what some men did in the past thousands of years that society wants to make us pay for. Some myth that I am guilty by association. Which means I as a man have to be disrespected and have to date something I am not attracted to in order to seem inclusive.

They try to shame us for not want to date trans and say its transphobic, or if we object to getting inappropriate messages they say it’s homophobic. However, if we as straight men approach a woman in a respectful way in order to pursue something that is evil for being heteronormative. Like he said I respect their truth respect mine.

The same way the #metoo movement allowed women to end sexual assault and harassment, educating that women have agency over their bodies and sexuality men also have agency.

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