Bill Cooper American Insurgant

In my many lonely times when my brain is able to wonder through the spirit conciseness a thought hit me. Everyone fear William cooper. He was a major threat to the establishment. I did a show honoring his memory and research. To think they had to fucking lure him out to execute him. I mean they were too scared to challenge him in honorable combat. I wonder what else he knew that scared the NWO so bad that they silenced him.

Also I think about the late Dan Wallace. I never had the honor of knowing him but I can’t help but think what a loss to the truth movement his passing was. Think about it he was a 9/11 victim’s family member. He founded we are change. From what I have been told about him he was for the truth and he did do his own research. He was also not egotistical unlike Luke Rudkowski. 

This is my own speculation so this is not back by any evidence but I suspect Dan Wallace was murdered in order to put Luke Rudkowski in charge of WeAreChange. I based this on Sabrina Rivera’s many public verbal attacks at Luke posted on her Facebook wall saying that Luke is opportunistic and not the real founder of WeAreChange. I expose that in past articles so I will continue with what I am writing about.

When I think of William Cooper and, Dan Wallace I wonder if I am doing all I can to piss off the NWO. I mean am I on the right path in becoming a pain in the ass of the illuminati? I just want to clean up the movement from thieves, and freemasonic infiltration also at the same time expose the NWO agenda. Imagine if a million of us were getting under their skin like they did. I would have to force a change.

I am afraid that the revolution in any sense won’t happen. Too many people still fight to believe the official story. The movement is so splinter that there is real infighting mixed with infiltration to discredit real research what is there to be done.
We have to raise above it some how. I think everyone should just do there own thing snd see who is right.

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