Based Stickman coming On the Crotch Shot Radio Show

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman is coming on The Crotch Shot Radio Show On Tuesday, June 5th 2017

at 10:30pm Est 9:30 Cst, 8:30pm MST and 7:30pm PST.

Listen & chat Live at

Kyle Chapman, also known as Based Stickman, Captain Texas or the Alt-Knight, is civic nationalist, and a former Ron Paul & Rand Paul supporter, who defected towards Trump after seeing him speak during the debates. Wearing a 3M respirator and a helmet, and holding a shield, he hits antifascist protestors with a wooden stick during the March for Trump at Berkeley, and doesn’t afraid of anything. Chapman is an advocate for the physical removal of communists

We will be discussing his Antifa, use of violence, trump and leftist, and his being called alt right.

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