Athens Ohio None rape case: Feminist false rape apologist

On Saturday October 12, 2013 at approximately between the hours of 1 and 6 a.m in Athens, Ohio. A couple was film with a male preforming oral sex on the female in public. A crowd gathered and started snapping pictures and taking video. All ending up on twitter, instagram, and World Star hip hop. As soon as this video went viral The 20-year-old woman contacted Athens Police Sunday night and said she had been raped.


Notice these two things that stood out to me about this video.

  • At 1:09 she grabs him behind the head to pull in closer. 
  • At 1:22 she pushed her hips closer to grind on his fingers
Look at this still picture of her defiantly smiling enjoying herself.

Isn’t that cute? She looks like she is having a good time. And if that is her kink more power to her. However this is not rape. This was consensual. She then felt bad about it the next morning and pulled the rape card.  To bad that these pictures won’t change anything. They will keep him in prison as a rapist and make him register for life.

The feminist will claim:

  • She was drugged
  • she was drunk
  • she was too scared to scream for help
  • Even if she wanted it, it is still rape
Some people will say I am blaming the victim. I am saying there is no victim.

These are the questions I have are:

  1. Since you see her pushing his head deeper into her why isn’t she being viewed as rapist?
  2. If he is drunk or drugged too is she a rapist?
  3. where is her personal responsibility?
No women have no accountability. If he was drunk and some old bitch sucked his dick he would be laugh and shamed for complaining because men are supposed to be able to fuck whoever falls on their dick. Men can never say no so we can be viewed as the fucking predators whereas women continue to be victims no matter what. 

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