Antifa Showing They Are really Authoritarian Statist!

Antifa has been on twitter attacking antiwar and antimask activist. You would think a group of people that says they fight authoritarianism would support such things. Anrifa is further proving themselves to be the very thing they say they fight against.

Antifa members have been buzzing about the End The Damn Wars protest in Washington DC on September 11th 2021

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What do they have against an antiwar organization? Why go after Libertarians?

Ypou see as they attack even vurnarable homeless people on the street.

Antifa continues to prove that they are infact the Nazis they claim they want to punch so much. They want to only control the people to bend to their psychotic will. They will justify their violence. They will not allow for any peace. Be real anti fascist and stand up to ALL forms of authoritarianism

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