Amazon’s The Tommorrow War Review

The critics at odd with audien e again at rotten tomatoes.

Just finished watching Amazon films the tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt. I have to say it was a fun sci-fi film to watch. Tons of action. It kept my attention from start to finish.

I liked the fact that it did not have any agendas in it. There was no pandering to any group here. There was a strong female character without jamming it down the audience’s throat.

I also liked it had the classic action hero that was also a family man. Really showed that being a masculine male is not a disability a society would like to have us believe. Chris Pratt did a very good job as the main character in this story. Willing to put it all on the line for family is basically one of the most manly things that should be taught.

My recommendation watch it it is a great weekend film to watch.

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