Affordable Diabetic Supplies

As a Diabetic testing strips and needles have cost me a fortune. I did some searching and found some affordable testing stripes.

Generic products can help us manage the costly disease known as diabetes. In the past few years we got generic pills, including metformin. Now we have genetic test strips for our blood glucose meters. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved generic test strips that we can use with most of LifeScan’s OneTouch Ultra meters. Now you can buy them now.

UniStrip Test Strips work and now I can afford to test my blood glucose 3 or more times a day. 

You can buy them for $11 for 50 strips.

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I use the Onetouch UltraMini because it works and its really affordable at $21.

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I use these Pen needles that cost way less than the BD needles at $15.88

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so 11+21+15.88 = $47.88 1st month after it just $32 bucks a month!

Please buy using my store link at

Buying through me doesn’t add to the price it stays the same and it helps me to continue. I buy these myself I get them delivered to an amazon locker and it secure! Anyways thanks for reading email me if you have questions

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