A message to the Ron Paul Supporters

I am so fucking disappointed that Ron Paul has yet to win a caucus or a primary especially in places where he should have won. Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum just suck balls.

I am fucking disappointed in my fellow Ron Paul Supporters. I expected you guys to prepare for war. Dig in and campaign the shit out of this election. I know I have. Fuck a rally. Get in the dirt and start telling people about Ron Paul. Debate them and prove why Ron Paul is the best choice.

Show people that what CNN, FOX NEWS, and MSNBC are a bunch of liars. Explain how he isn’t a racist. Get out there. Take a second job and fucking send money to the Ron Paul Super pac something.

Get creative stop preaching to the choir and get in there. I mean damn Save our country or else we will have another term of Obama. I mean com on damn it.

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